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Senior Front-end Developer

Location: Bydgoszcz, Poland / Warsaw, Poland or remote – Full time


Are you passionate about building quality software? We’re looking for skilled engineers to help us build a key management solution for the enterprise. This is more than just writing code, this is about making sure that using our solutions is a breeze and a great experience.

You’ll be working on a project, that we've started a few years ago.


We’re looking for someone who speaks both the developers’ and the designers’ languages and can bridge those two domains. On any given day you might handle anything from prototyping a new idea, adding new functionality to an existing solution, or designing a new feature.


The areas you will focus on are:

Design – Participating in UI/UX design sessions with the rest of the team; working on low to high fidelity mockups (from pen & paper to InVision),


Implementation – Bringing the designs to life; going from high fidelity mockups to the actual application,


Tests – Testing the front-end; functional, unit, and end to end testing (Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, You will be responsible for the quality and completeness of the modules you oversee.


Attributes we care about:

Motivated – You're excited to build new software. You like finding new applications for your existing skills and learning new skills altogether. You get things done. You do your job well,


Delivers – You deliver. You want to get things done. You want your code shipped to your customers today, rather than tomorrow,

Problem Solver – When you find a problem you don't know how to solve, you dive right in and you find the answer. When presented with a challenge, you immediately start to think of several solutions,


Details Oriented – You can focus on the details, while understanding and keeping in mind the bigger picture. You should care deeply about the details,


Technically Savvy – You know your stuff. You're the authority about a particular technology. You understand not only the how, but also the why. You will need to solve real–world problems, and you need to have experience applying your knowledge to real, shipping products.


Technical Skills:

We are looking for people who have expertise with the following languages/frameworks. You will focus on one or more of these and should be able to go deep:

  •, Angular CLI,

  • Reactive and functional programming (Rxjs library),

  • Testing (Karma, Jasmine, Protractor,,

  • TypeScript, JavaScript,

  • Knowledge of RESTful interfaces,

  • JavaScript,

  • CSS, SASS,

  • Experience with Agile Software Development Methodology,

  • Prototyping with tools like InVision app,

  • Experience in usage of UI frameworks like Google Matetial, Boostrap, Carbon Design System,

  • Ngrx (redux) - data storage and single source of truth,

  • Github and Git,

  • Docker (generally containerisation).

Language Proficiency:

We're working with English speaking clients (well, not–Polish–speaking, anyway), written and spoken English is required. If you need a requirement it's B2/C1.

You don't need to be able to discuss Shakespeare, but you need to understand Javadocs. In case Jane comes and asks “What does that method in that class do?”, you have to be able to help her out.


When you join us, you might enjoy:

  • Flexible working hours,

  • Competitive compensation,

  • Private health insurance,

  • Company of like–minded individuals,

  • Working fully remote or from our office in Bydgoszcz or Warsaw,

  • Free coffee (at the office),

  • A MacBook Pro, and a 4k monitor,

  • and a standing desk (at the office)!

Important details:

  • Profile: senior / expert,

  • Contract type: B2B,

  • Recruitment process: online, and final stage in real life,

  • Start: ASAP,

  • Work profile: mainly new features,

  • Length of contact: continuous,

  • Payed vacation: no,

  • Employment type: full time only,

  • Residency requirements: European Union resident,

  • Remote work: fully remote or at the office,

  • Travel for work: no


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